Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nuggle Nuggle

Click on the picture to get an up-close view of jack sticking his tongue out at you.

Right now it is 8:46 pm. My girls and I are snuggled up to our chins in bed watching, "Breakfast at Tiffanys." They have never seen Audrey Hepburn before (have I not shown them "My Fair Lady" yet?") and I am happy to make the introduction. They are enchanted by how beautiful she is. We were just flipping through the channels and I stopped here for a second.

Anyway, we are snuggled up because we are freezing. It is supposed to be 29 degrees tonight. This week I hauled out our lone winter clothing bin. We pulled out our remaining gloves, hats, scarves, thick socks, etc., from our time in Massachusetts and our winter trip to France. Our house is ill-equipped for this weather. Our air conditioning is awesome, but heat? Well, this is Florida. And this is a hundred-year-old house with hundred-year-old windows and a front door that just let the cold air pour in. Our downstairs is only slightly warmer than the outside, and our poor heater is straining to constantly blow out a pathetic amount of warm air. So for tonight we have duct-taped a flannel sheet to the top of the stairway to keep our upstairs heat upstairs. Thankfully, the second floor is pretty well insulated. We can stay much warmer up here. We have on socks, our warmest pajamas, and we've piled the blankets on.

Tonight I did the dishes and finished cleaning at about five o'clock. I closed down the kitchen as I did not want to be stuck cleaning the kitchen after dark when the temperature dropped. So we headed out to eat Mexican in town. You know, a nice warm restaurant. It seemed like such a relaxing idea when I thought of it, but I forgot about the three kids part. While we were there Laura refused to eat and Emma knocked my drink all over the place. Jack sat and screamed whenever he wanted anything and often when he didn't. I just wanted to walk around the area and single-handedly apologize to anyone in the restaurant.

The nice server: "Can I get you anything else?"
Me: How about,...
Gary shoves rice in his mouth.
Me: ...some...
Me, shoving guacamole in his mouth: dessert. Do you have....
Gary mouths sorry to anyone nearby and shoves something else in his mouth.
Me: You know
Me: what? Forget the dessert.

I hope you are all keeping warm tonight.


  1. Nope... FREEZING our tookus' off here too! I have on my thermals... yep you read it right! Never thought I would wear 'em in FL! hahaha Love the photo of Jack! I am about to go get under 2 quilts and 2 sweet girls till Chris gets home LATE from Ft Myers... STAY warm my friend!! BRrrrrrrrrrrrr (didn't I leave NH to get away from this cold?!?)

  2. I'm sorry you guys are freezing. We've been freezing since about Sept., but I guess that's normal for Utah. Stay warm and remember it gets down to the single digits here!

  3. I just wanted to say that picture is cute.

  4. Should I feel sorry for you? Just kidding, I really do! When you aren't used to the cold it makes it even worse. Stay warm!

  5. I'm looking out the window to a snow covered deck, but I keep it nice and cozy inside so it is pleasant. Out here a nice furnace takes priority. A lot of houses and apartments don't even have air conditioning, that's an upgrade feature! Me? I want both, since I don't like being hot OR cold.

    You should totally move out here, because everyone here has kids, is getting ready to have kids, or has grown kids. So in most restaurant energetic kids at the next table is not a head turner! And sledding in the snow is SO much fun! ;)Are you convinced yet?

    No? Well, when I was a waitress I waited on L Tom Perry. Yup, not even kidding. And there are three temples with less than a 10 minute drive and one of them I can see from the front porch!

    So when you moving out here? Okay, FINE!

    Wow, that was a novel, huh?

  6. Hey, I was going to try to talk you into moving back here again!!! We need you more!!! ;)


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