Thursday, January 28, 2010

catching up

Somehow the days have slipped by quickly quickly and I have not gotten around to posting. Is gotten a word? Anyway, here is the brief summarized version of what's happened around here.

We went to Disney. It "snowed."

We had actual freezing weather here. It killed our fish in the river. The past week it has stunk so badly that we couldn't go in the backyard. There are dead fish everywhere. It brought up memories of what I don't like in the winter up north. Freezing cold water out of the faucets and cold floors. Yick.

Jack got up five times in the middle of the night. He wasn't feeling well. I finally broke my rule and brought him into bed with me. It's called survival. I swear I'm too old now to share a bed with a kid. Plus I'm afraid I'll squish him. Anyway, for the longest time he lay next to me and stared out the window at the moon. It was nice because he doesn't typically hold still that long. Yes, I am a weirdo who took a picture of him sleeping in my bed. That is what happens when you are sleep deprived. Not to mention his eyes look creepy here, so really what was I thinking? Oh well, on to the next.

I have been eating at Moe's like crazy. Seriously, like twice a week. I had to finally break my addiction though, because I began my very serious exercise/eating healthy program. Really! I have been exercising six days a week for three weeks now and eating pretty mostly responsibly. Except for this crazy Nutella binge yesterday. Gosh, that was good. So I gave you pictures of Emma stuffing her face there. I spared you from a picture of me doing the same. Wow, I'm thinking of the queso right now. Must move on.

This is Jack playing on the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground at Disney. Obviously it should be placed up with the other Disney pic, but I have screwed up my blogger thingy somehow and can't move it. Or stop typing on the right of my pictures. Moving on.

Well we also went to the teeny tiny Manatee County Fair and I also got a haircut. But I haven't uploaded those pictures yet and I swear to you I am so tired from jogging and my four push-ups that I could just go and stick my head in that Nutella jar. So instead I'm going to go to bed. Night!


  1. I love Moe's! Thanks for the update with pics! You are not aloud to be gone from the blogging world that long, Amy. ;)

  2. Hahahaa! I love you! You make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. I did one push up today, so you've got me beat. But I did 20 minutes of jump rope, so I don't feel badly about the pushup thing. ;) I also did cruches, reverse crunches and side crunches. And then I stared at my abs and wondered why I do this. They just jiggle around and such, and, well, that's the way it is. I'll never have abs of steel! I'm on my 3rd week of 6 day exercise too Aim! We're doing it together! I'm on a 12 week program, what's yours? I'm doing great, feeling good. Let's cheer each other on. So, STAY AWAY FROM THE NUTELLA (man, I love that stuff), and when I come to FL. we'll eat it together, with apples and bananas or something so we don't feel so guilt. :) love you!

  3. no plans right now for Florida kids are getting older, and maybe a road trip is in order at some point?


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