Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well, I still probably had a better day than Tiger Woods.

I have an announcement to make to everyone: I have finally showered.
But that's pretty much it.

So what happens when Mom can barely get off the couch?

The kids paaaaar-tay.

My best example:

At about 6:00 I realized my kids probably needed to eat.
So I shuffled to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door.
It was pretty bare inside.
But it did have two pieces of cold pizza and pumpkin pie.
Guess what my kids had for dinner?
As I told my friend Kymmie tonight, my kids were so happy, it was like Christmas came early.
Jack shoved every tasty pumpkin-y morsel as far back in his yapper as humanly possible.
He made me laugh to watch.
Which kind of hurt.

Then he made me a super awesome early Christmas present in his diaper to the point that I had to throw his stinky behind in the tub.

Now all is quiet. Gary leaves tomorrow for the weekend.
So I am basically plotting on a map all my possible take-out options.

Tomorrow I think I will take a picture for you of my family room. It looks like it should be cordoned off as a hazardous area.
Just keepin' it real, ya'll.

Good night.


  1. :) I'm so sorry! If I were there I'd bring you dinner and take your kids!

  2. You poor thing ... being sick is no fun! Hope you can feel better soon!

  3. Love the title....


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