Tuesday, December 1, 2009

oh dear.

I am sick.

As of four o'clock today I was fine. Emma's on the mend, I was planning on going to book club tonight. Nothing keeps me from book club.

Then I swear to you, 45 minutes ago something shifted in my body. I can feel myself getting more and more queasy and I can barely put one foot in front of the other. I am figuring I have about 15 minutes left before it really hits.

So with my last remaining will power I have made a list of things for Gary to do to get Laura's backpack ready for school tomorrow. I keep yelling things from my bed like, "go get Laura from Daisies!" "Jack's yelling because he's hungry!" "Make sure you sign the permission slip for Emma!" Although Emma won't be going tomorrow, I can send it via Laura. (As if you really wanted to know that)

I am fading fast. I am mad and stubborn and hoping that by putting my foot down I can keep this from happening. I have way too much to do.

I can hear Gary getting frustrated downstairs. Part of me feels bad, the other part thinks, "Suck it up, it's worse for me." Finally, when he was complaining about having to do something or other I said, "Oh yeah? Well I just licked your pillow so take that!"

He's a good guy. Thank goodness. I am signing out. THIS SUCKS!!!


  1. Oh No!
    I hope it passes quickly.
    I suggest a Modern Family marathon on Hulu.com


  2. I'm sorry you guys are sick. I'm especially sorry that you are sick. I don't mean to laugh, but you make being sick pretty funny. I hope you get feeling better soon, and I really hope Gary has lots of fun taking over for MOM!

  3. Charlene, sounds like a great idea. Once I can get my head out of the toilet.

    Julie, a. he is not doing so well on the mom part...I am thinking of taking a picture of what the downstairs looks like with me out of the picture for one day. and b. I'm glad I can make you laugh, I have at least accomplished one thing today. Cause it is definitely not my hair.

  4. "I LICKED YOUR PILLOW SO TAKE THAT" - Oh I so wish that I could have your awesome comebacks when I need them!! That made me laugh so hard my back started to hurt... THANK YOU! I hope you're starting to feel better my friend. As far as this weekend... if you need some help with food PLEASE let me know!!! ;) licked your pillow... dang I am STILL laughing!!!


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