Thursday, October 22, 2009

totally random

ok, well we actually start off w/the pic I took.
It's wrestling time. I call it "the pile on."

Baby Mozart. The only way I can cook dinner/go to the bathroom.

No comment.

Well, you've got to have a boring post every now and then. :)


  1. Funny stuff! I laughed my head off when you got recorded and said, "him not me!" I think random posts are the best.

  2. Julie stole my comment! I loved the "him not me!" moment, as well.

    I'm seriously going to vote Jack: Baby with the best facial expressions. He cracks me up.

  3. NOT a boring post at all. Please post more like these.
    I do have a couple of notes, however.
    1. Your "itsy bitsy spider" totally rocked. I was as riveted as Jack was.
    2. Emma is a sport. She let Jack hang on to her hair far longer than I would have.
    3. Are you implying that you cook dinner while going to the bathroom?

  4. OK - that was AWESOME! And I guess i am not unique in that i LOVED the HIM NOT ME!! Favorite was getting so excited to clap and falling forward to kiss mommy!! NOT boring at all - sooo wonderful! I have GOT to update my blog soon...xoxooxoxx

  5. charlene--I only cook dinner while going to the bathroom on REALLY bad days. But I always wash my hands.


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