Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Costume Parade

So, Laura is sick. Home for the week.
Jack is teething.
I am going a little crazy.

Let's take a break and check out some pics from one of my favorite holidays.
Halloween. Why? Fun holiday where I don't have to buy anyone presents.
And I can eat candy.
What could be better?

Now, I do not spend $ on Halloween costumes (except for goodwill). We dig through closets, dress up bins, and borrow from friends. I am not spending $100 on one night of the year.
Because then I will be stressed while I eat my candy.
Not a good combo.

Here's what I have on my computer.
I will have to figure out how to scan pics on gary's computer.
(does anyone know how to stop his scanner from scanning my pics as pdf files???)

A Halloween costume parade by yours truly.

obviously we were in a princess phase.

think laura's costume was a little big.

with cousins sydney and lisa at disney

leaving disney at one a.m.
with gary and my three dear children
(emma, laura, and my inglesina zippy)
like my halloween outfit?
hope so. you will be seeing it again in a couple weeks.

this was the year laura was VERY into peter pan.
she would get her whole pre-school class to play p.p. on the playground.
emma was reading the little house series.
hence the costumes.

introducing wendy and laura ingalls.
laura did not favor tinkerbell like most girls. she thought wendy was the one who rocked.
do you have any idea how hard it is to find a wendy costume??

I posted this picture so you can see laura's ringlets. I did not do that to her hair.
That's how it was.

Gary and I are the "Average Joes" from the "Dodgeball" movie.
Awesome, I know.
We wore very inappropriately short spandex shorts to complete the look.
I can't imagine why I didn't take a picture of that.


ok, this was a thrown-together Halloween.
I had just had a c-section with Jack and it quite
knocked me off my feet.

Laura is Sleeping Beauty, Emma is a spa girl.

Laura in her preschool Halloween parade.

No costumes this year. I'm lucky to be leaving the house.
But I did nurse Jack while out trick-or-treating.
(would that be a trick or a treat?)
I was desperate, he was screaming, it was dark, and I had a loose sweatshirt.
It all worked out.

We are currently working on this year's costumes.
Stay tuned!!!
If I can track it all down Gary's and mine are going to be totally....bueller...bueller....bueller?
that's a hint.
laura is pretty sure she knows what she wants to be. I am trying to track down a pinafore.
Emma is torn between two things.
And Jack got his costume for his bday from Mimi.
stay tuned!


  1. How much fun. I can't wait to see what you guys will be this year. Caleb and I aren't much fun. We don't usually dress-up. Maybe this year?!

  2. Well, we have a friend who throws a HUGE family Halloween party. They have a dance floor out there and everything. The adults are given a theme for their costumes. This year it's the 80s. And I've done Madonna in the borderline video to death...so we are on to something else.

  3. I hate Halloween.
    *Its expensive. I buy costumes, how am I supposed to make an Anikan Skywalker (sp) costume when I haven't even seen the movie?
    *I gain weight. Don't ask how much candy I've already eaten. I just sneaks up on you b/c the candy bars are so tiny..
    *I don't dress up. People are always asking why I don't, guess I'm not fun. Like I tell my kids, "I'm going as a grumpy mom!"
    *I really dislike trick or treating. Its like FREEZING here. And the kids come home with all this candy, which leads to me eating more and them bouncing off the walls.
    Shall I continue? I know, I'm so much fun!

  4. OOH MY GOSHHHHH AME!!! I cannot believe how adorable your kiddos are! (And I get to see them almost every day!!) hahaa I recognized several "pieces" from several years on ms Emma! hehehehe AND OH MY GOOOOOD GOLLY - I cannot believe "Coach Kymmie" made an appearance... i am flattered (and a bit EMBARRASSSED) by my lovely costume! hahaha). This yr... well - I think i have to keep it low key as you did last yr... but still have some things up my sleeve! Come and see (I can only pass out candy this year - probably at Lynn's)! oxox I love the Average Joe's by the way!!!


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