Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A reason to hightail it to the kitchen

So I was walking down the street in a small town in North Georgia, right on the GA/NC border, when I stopped dead in my tracks. It was like a stepping back in time....a vintage dream come true. The building itself was old, had been there for decades.
It was an antique appliance shop, or I as I like to call it: heaven. I rubbed my eyes, grabbed my camera, and snapped away.

This baby is from the twenties. State of the art for your cooking pleasure.
This must have had some lucky woman seeing stars!

My Great-Grandmother had one just like this!
This is like an ice cream store. Which one would you choose?? They are all so gorgeous!

I'm all into the fifties right now. This is one of my favorites.

Want to see more? You can see the actual store online here: www.antiqueappliances.com

They were great to visit with. I asked SO many questions (hard to imagine, I know).


  1. Sigh... I like the green one... it is so pretty! hahaha Thanks for sharing your photos! At least they're a bit more shiny than the one in the woods in that shack you found... ALTHOUGH you could always re-furbish that one! hahahaha

  2. hey, don't think I didn't seriously consider it! If I could have figured out a way to drag them through the woods! I'm sure that's why no one took them yet!

  3. Wow! these are so cool!! They would go so well with my collection of vinatge Pyrex!


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