Tuesday, July 21, 2009


attending church in paris. not sure what that has to do with this post.

First the weird:
Couldn't have church this Sunday because someone stole all the air-conditioners!! Guess the compressors/copper wiring is hot stuff these days. This is Florida in July, so it's unbearably hot. We met to take the sacrament, sang a hymn and went home. That's a first!!

Now for a little bit of awesome:

A link to some old friends of ours' blog. They are humanitarian missionaries in Europe. The posts show the amazing poverty in areas like Croatia and what the church is doing to assist. Wheelchairs, building housing, etc. You don't hear much of about this kind of thing because our church does not publicize. Take a moment to check out the gorgeous photos. I love my church.


  1. Very, very cool Amy (the blog... NOT that you guys had your AC stolen - that is HORRIBLE). I loved the Elderly Couple Watering Their Garden Bosnia... so rich in character... Thanks for sharing!

  2. didn't you love what all the elderly ladies were wearing?? Just loved the pictures. ugh i can't type tonight!


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