Tuesday, June 2, 2009

keep smiling

I am dragging, dragging, dragging today.
It is a hard week. Bad news seems to keep ringing the doorbell for a visit. I tried to tell them that my house was a mess and I was out of snacks so really, there must be somewhere else they'd like to go. But no such luck. I had always heard these things come in three's, but apparently it was a slow week somewhere so they decided to come in droves. Ah, well.
So, I have decided to post some funny pictures for you. They put a smile on my face, anyway.
At the end, I will post the Memorial Day pictures. G. and I decide to make sure every MD we get the family to a Memorial Day service in the morning. It's an important tradition we want to establish; a good start to the day before we have fun as a family.

Memorial Day at Veteran's Memorial Park

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow.....

I have got to remember to turn these pictures around first.


  1. Those truly put a smile on my face, too. I hope you're doing okay Aim. I love you, and you're in my prayers.

  2. Amy, I love your blog. You're so stinkin' funny! It must run in the family.

  3. you know it, girl. we need to get your "lady blog" running. hahaha.

  4. adorable family!


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