Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am always amazed that the youngest sibling lives.

Today Jack was sitting in between Emma's legs. They were playing, Jack doing the 7 months-grab-whatever-I-can-and-stick-it-in-my-mouth thing. I was sitting next to them trying to finish some work on the computer. I hear Emma say,

"Mom, watch this! This is so funny! Jack loves to stick my big toe in his mouth!"

After I finished stifling my gutteral scream, I let her know that I would prefer she did not do that again.

I mean really, Emma, being the first, practically lived in a bubble. The child didn't eat sugar until she was like two. And no soda before kindergarten.

Jack, well....he's had sugar. And Emma's big toe.

I'm thinking on the upside, at least he'll have a strong immune system now that he's had some things to toughen him up.

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