Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Book I Read This Week

I read A LOT of books. I mean A LOT. When I remember, I will try to post reviews here as we are all looking for good book recommendations. The book I just pried out of my hands is "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen. Here's my review as I posted on my GoodReads account:

"I have read serial killer books, grisly murder books, but this was hands down the scariest book I have ever read. A book that caused me to lose sleep and kept me thinking long after I was finished reading.

The book follows what happens to an American community after and EMP attack is visited on our country. EMP occurs when a nuclear bomb is detonated above the atmosphere, causing every single thing in it's range containing anything electronic to fail. Cars, planes, pacemakers, electricity, you name it, it's gone forever. The country is immediately plunged into the dark ages, the population far too large to be supported by 18th century technology. Different parts of the country fare better or worse depending on their locations to urban areas. Gangs roam the land, bringing death and destruction to any remaining survivors.

What is frightening about this book is the fact that it is a very real possibility. The government is currently studying EMP attacks, as it is probably a more real threat than the thermonuclear attack we have always been raised to fear. If you ever had a thought of having your home prepared for a disaster, you will be propelled into action after reading the horrors entailed here for anyone who does not.

The day after reading I could not help but realize how fully dependent we are on electronics and technology. I found myself cataloging each thing I did during the day. How long can you last with the food in your pantry and maybe a week's worth of water before it becomes contaminated and cholera, dysentery, and thyphoid break out? You may not have ever imagined America as a third-world country. This book will force you to.

By the way, if you have a project due or deadline, finish it before you pick this book up. It sucks you right in and you are compelled to finish it instead of doing anything else. I really came to love and care about the characters. It was hard to "watch" as the worst befell them."

So, grab this book. It is a great read, but it also makes you think. I also know well the North Carolina area that the story is based in, which helped me to imagine it all the more.

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  1. you totally have me chomping at the bit with this Aim. I want to run to the library RIGHT NOW. But I can't. I've got five kids and that is just a little unrealistic. Hm, maybe when Sean gets home in one hour and 30 minutes. :)


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