Thursday, April 30, 2009

misses independents

My girls have just gained a big step in independence--being able to Take A Shower By Themselves. This is a Big Deal. Well, the last two times haven't gone so well. They felt like the shower=really awesome slip n' slide playground, and I felt like shower=responsiblity and a big, long lecture.

We tried again tonight (Gary is out of town again, trying to not get the swine flu while on a business trip. His idea of humor is texting me things like "honey, do you think it's bad if I have a fever?" or "man, I guess that flight from mexico city connects w/ my flight." yeah, he's a laugh-a-minute. So anyway, point is: I'm too tired for baths).

Me: Okay, what did we say about safety in showers?
Emma: No running around the shower.
(I should point out my shower is as big as a walk-in closet. don't judge; I didn't put it in.)
Me: what else?
Emma: No putting soap on our feet and sliding around the shower.
I pause. I knew a ruckus was going on in there, but not this. I am slightly flabbergasted.
Laura: Yeah, no putting soap on our bottoms and spinning and sliding on the shower floor.
At this point I am making a serious effort to keep a serious face.
Laura: We can crack our heads open. And bleed.
Emma: or die.
Me: Or knock all your nice teeth out.
Emma: Don't they grow back?
Me: No honey, you have permanent teeth!!!

So is something wrong with me that I scare them into being worried about showering? Well, it worked. Instead, they just fought over the shampoo and the little squeegee thingy you use to clean the door.

Oh, and jack threw his first temper tantrum today. It was hilarious and adorable. The only time, I think, that tantrums are hilarious and adorable, are when babies do it. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

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