Thursday, March 21, 2013

Girls Camp 2012: a glimpse of prep

It's been over a year, so it's hard for me to remember all of it. But here's what I've got for the pre-camp phase. As a reminder, we were called 3 months before the camp date. A camp theme as well as daily themes were already chosen. Thankfully, they were good ones and easy to work with. The theme for our camp was "Happily Ever After," based on President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk. This was really a great theme, as there was room to have a lot of fun with it, as well as some great spiritual and personal themes to work with. One of my assistant's found this picture on the wall of her sister-in-law's daughter's bedroom:

and we worked from there to create the t-shirts and program, as you can see below:

 Fonts on the program were taken from the Fonts for Peas site.

That's all I've got! All that was left to do was to load up a huge caravan of suburbans, minivans, golf cart, canoes, volleyball nets, and mass amounts of equipment and head to a state park up north! Stake leaders and helpers left the the night before in order to set everything up before the deluge of teenage girls hit.

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