Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello 2013!

I am so embarrassed I haven't written in so long. I just cannot tell you how busy I am. I have been trying to rethink my life to figure out how to make things less stressful. I'll let you know how that goes. Within six months.

Here is how we are doing.

Emma is twelve. Twelve! She is sweet and thank goodness a late bloomer. I just bought her her first teeny little bra. Thank goodness she has no idea I just put that on the internets. She just got braces last week and is still getting used to them. Emma, who has always been shy, now auditions left and right at school. She just auditioned for a chorus solo and got it. I would have been shaking in my boots. I tell her that I am sometimes jealous she gets to go to such a cool arts school. She doesn't care about make-up or purses yet, although I know she has crushes. She's not embarrassed by me yet.

Laura is nine. She has opinions. She has ideas. She just rolled her eyes at me the other day. She is also very funny and makes me laugh. She is really into drawing. She draws in her spare time and carries sketch books around. She is a clothes horse and will try on ten different outfits and leave them all on the floor. Just like me. Who knew that could carry through DNA. She like everything French.

Jack is Jack. He is four. He still likes to climb and impress girls by falling straight forward on his face. He gets hyper when he's tired. It's great. He likes to tell me, "You're the best, Mommy." He tells me he has a plane and a car and a restaurant called Comfiani's. He is going to fly me there. The two words he uses the most (with a lisp) are "apparently," and "actually." He likes Darth Vader.

Gary is working in Salt Lake City. Yep, that would be across the country. That's cause there's no work in Florida. People are moving out of here like crazy. We are not moving though, I JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE and I swore I would never move again. The winter is pretty different there than here, so he sends me pictures like this:

and I rub it in by sending pictures of me like this:
(don't be scared, I promise I have clothes on)

...oh wait I forget there's never any pictures of me. So how about this:

Wait! Here's one of me. It's at Halloween. Enjoy!

I'm the one on the right. You know, Mary Poppins. I always go for the HOT costumes.

I'll be back.

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