Saturday, December 10, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

The past few weeks have flown by for me. Have they for you? I keep trying to hold on to little moments that occur, to ponder and savor them, but I feel like day to day routines keep getting in the way.

I am working during the mornings now; I love it and I hate it. But I could say that about just about anything in my life, probably.

Tonight I read a music update that Fiona Apple is putting another album out this spring. I am super excited about this, I really love her music and had been wondering where she had disappeared to.

Many of you who know me know that I have suffered from depression in the past. Some bouts were so discouraging and disheartening. I felt like I was living life in a fetal position. Anyway, her first album came out around the first time I ever experienced it, and for me my personal anthem of depression if you will is Fiona Apple's "Never is a Promise." To me it sums up what it feels like to try to convey to someone who loves you the futility of trying to explain it. The last verse to me is always the most painful.

I am doing much better now, I am learning to really listen to my body and soul and give it what it needs. That sounds really vague, but it's actually not. I've learned a lot on this journey and tried to help others on the way. Happiness is a gift, but often something you have to choose. Little known fact: I actually have another blog where I write only about depression, but it is marked as private 99% of the time.

I think the video of her song is a little lame, so here's one of her live performances.

Here's a really good one too:

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  1. Sometimes my body and soul speak to me in foreign languages I can't understand.

    Good post. I love Fiona Apple and I'd forgotten about her so I'm glad to hear that she's got something new coming soon.


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