Monday, September 12, 2011

Your Laugh today. You're Welcome.

Okay, I came across this video and thought it was a joke, a parody, but it's not!!! It's real!!! It's the promotional video for the Miss Utah pageant and I just about died. There are so many things wrong here on so many levels. Can you count them all??

Hint: start with the sparkly face tattoo, the red dragon lady gloves, the "we all went to college for something, and we're moms," and the, "If I don't win I hope someone will win," or the best, "I heard a voice in my shower while my mascara was running down my face!" The fun does not end!

Okay, story #2.

The other week we visited my brother and his family for dinner. My brother has this junk room above his garage where he squeezed a TV and has turned it into his hangout room. After I cleaned up from dinner I hitched Jack onto my hip and went to look for Gary so we could start to head home.

"Where's Daddy?"
"I don't know. I think he's in The Man Cave."
"ManCave? What's Man Cave, Mommy?"
"Oh...just a Man Cave. A place where Uncle Rob likes to be." Because Jack says his thoughts out loud he repeated it a few times, entranced with the idea of it. I didn't think any more of it.

Fast forward to church on Sunday. We are sitting in The Royal Pew and as usual I am trying to keep a lid on Jack. He is on my lap and I find the first book I can to keep him busy. It's a little lift-the-flap book on Jesus. So we get to the end and I whisper in his ear, "This is Jesus. He's in his...." and I couldn't figure out how to explain the concept of a tomb and all that so I just said, "he's in a cave." (You see what's coming.) And Jack in his LOUD voice says, "OH! Jesus is in his MAN CAVE Mommy! It's Jesus' Man Cave!" and I am trying to shush him as the family behind us begins to crack up and Jack repeats various variations of "Jesus has a man cave too Mommy! Just like Uncle Rob! A man cave!" Like I've said, once he gets going it's hard to get him to stop. Inner voice, Jack!


  1. AHHH, this brings me back to my DeSoto pageant days. So similar - only without the face paint.

  2. Bwaaahahahaha! Hilarious. I love Jack.

  3. The day of the pageant, the spirit whispered to me, "get another spray tan." and I was like, "okay!" So I did and it was the right thing. lol This is SO funny. Both the video and Jack. That's awesome.


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