Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

This past week Laura had to turn in a photo timeline of her life so far. She needed photos of certain ages, and examples of things she's checked off on her life list. In searching for these pictures I came to the depressing conclusion that it's not our youngest who got stiffed on the pictures, it's our middle child. I was embarrassed that I don't have as much as the other two. Emma being the first and Jack being the last, I've got them covered. But poor Laura.....

The worst moment was when I needed a picture for her 6th birthday ( JUST LAST DECEMBER). I couldn't remember what we did, nor could I find any pictures of whatever it was. I asked everyone in our family what we did for her birthday. No one could remember. "Laura," I asked sheepishly, "what did we do for your birthday last year?"
She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, "I don't know," then ran off to play. Well, I thought, at least she doesn't seem too upset about it. I called my mother. She couldn't remember. I called my good friend Kymmie, and thank goodness SOMEONE on this planet remembers what we did. We went to an ice cream parlour with their family. And where are the pictures? On my old, dead computer. That doesn't work anymore (Insert commercial here for carbonite or mozy).

Feeling shame and remorse, I asked Laura where she wanted to go for her birthday this year (in December). "Do you want a party at home with your friends or something," I asked, willing to throw the biggest birthday bash ever to make up for the fact she's never had a birthday party before. "No," she replied. "I want to go to North Carolina and see snow."
"Laura, we can't go to North Carolina for your birthday, honey. It's too expensive and besides, it might not even be snowing then."
"I really want snow for my birthday, Mom. I want to make snow angels, snow men, snow women, snow things. Things with snow."
Then I remembered why we hadn't had birthday parties for her. She never wants them. She always picks the adventure over the party with friends. We've gone camping, had a day at Disney, seen a show. All at her request. I felt a little better.
But I sure wish I had the pictures to prove it.
I am resolved to do better.

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  1. Oh, oh, I'm on the edge of my seat cause I know where you can find snow in December (wink, wink)!!!!

    And you simple MUST make her birthday wish come true... you know you have to...


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