Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Gary is in Las Vegas for a week A WHOLE WEEK on a business trip. It is very rude and selfish. Do you feel sorry for me yet? You should. Parenting alone is no fun. For the first couple days when he was gone I read a book and watched movies that only I want to watch and it was kind of delicious. But now it is just quiet and lonely.

Gary likes the time zone in Nevada for his trading purposes and is entertaining the thought of moving (as if). So he keeps sending me emails of him in front of the Hoover Dam, or a pack of desert-y animals or something else he deems magical and I write him back with one line: I am not moving.

I mean really, can you imagine me, a tropical flower, wilting in the brown and dreary desert? Away from my beloved ocean? Let me tell you, people would miss me all hot in my suit on the beach.

I think not.

I got lonely today and hauled Jack to Michael's craft store to look for some Halloweeny/Fall-y decorations. I spent the last of the grocery account there. Should have remembered that because later when we went to eat Chinese food (Oh Charlene I'm missing that Indian buffet) the nice lady at the pay-for-your-food counter said in her thick accent, "D'its crying." And I thought, maybe that is an Asian joke, you know, like you spent so much the machine is crying. And she looked at me expectantly and again said, "D'its crying." And I looked back at her and nodded my head. And then OH! I get it. The card is not crying it's DECLINED!! So at least instead of being embarrassed I began to laugh my head off as I pulled out a different card.


  1. You should definately move there... it's closer to us. And that's a good thing, I think :)

  2. I loved it out in vegas. we lived in henderson, which is pretty rad. The church is huge out there and you would have insta-friends! and the end of the post had me laughing, bc i can relate! i don't do well with accents!


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