Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There will be no vampires around here tonight.

Yes, that is my Mac underneath Jack.
This is what happens when you are focusing more on garlic than your child.

Today was the last day of school. Tomorrow, we can sleep in and eat a leisurely (or is that leh-zure-ly?) breakfast. Then we will head to the ever-so-Magic Kingdom to catch the summer parade and fireworks before our passes head into the blackout dates for the summer.

After talking with a good friend of mine, I have decided that I am not eating any sugar, breads, dairy (except for a bit of butter) for about a month, until we leave for vacation. My body is just dragging. I have been craving sugary carby things for months, I have hives, and sores in my mouth (ew! gag! TMI!). All signs of being too sugary/yeasty. This has happened to me before and I cut all sugary/yeasty foods out and was able to heal. I am a protein kind of girl so I kind of enjoy it actually-- AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF HELL.

That's right, I have hit the sugar withdrawal mode. And it is ugly. All I want to do is tear open the pantry and pour chocolate chips down my throat chased by cookies, dark chocolate granola bars and the homemade oreo cookies I baked the other day. I have visions of chocolate cakes dancing before my eyes. Oh boy, I've got to change the subject.

So anyway, for dinner I made tilapia with lots of olive oil and garlic. I mean LOTS of garlic. Have I ever mentioned that I could like marry garlic and have little garlic salt children?? I love it. Not only did I cook the fish with garlic in the pan, but then I put fresh slices in a bowl with olive oil and let them marinate together for a good while. Since I don't have any bread to dip it in (which is the BEST) I poured the whole thing over my fish and broccoli. It was truly heavenly, people, but now I am fire-breathing garlic. My family will not come within three feet of me. I am planning on eating more tomorrow and letting it really build up in my system. I want it to just ooze out of my pores. Oh yeah. I finally found the secret to getting everyone to leave me alone for a few cotton-pickin' minutes.

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