Wednesday, May 12, 2010

gary's bday

whether we like it or not, care or not, we are getting older. gary is heading into the forties faster than I am, and the latest milestone for him this month. 39. hang on to your thirties for twelve more months, baby!

for his bday we went to c'est la vie in sarasota and gorged ourselves on french food. jack enjoyed himself as well. we made sure to take home a bag full of pastries. we sat outside and listened to the french language.

then i went home and sang a french lullaby "Fais Do Do" (I like the Lisa Loeb version) to jack as i rocked him before his nap. I will say to jack, "Fais do do?" And he will shake his head NO! (It means "go to sleep." Other favorite songs to sing (look them up on itunes) "Thanks a Lot" by Raffi, and "A la Claire Fontaine." I also catch myself singing songs from Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. Now someone tell me how this post went from gary's bday to lullaby recommendations. Ah, that's what happens when your brain is broken.

anyway, I would post links to the songs, but I don't know how.

also, hoping to see the shuttle launch friday (only three left!) in cape caneveral so when you see it lift off you can think of me. or the astronauts. or what you're going to have for dinner. whatever works.

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