Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What happens when you're not paying attention to your child like you should be.

I am seriously behind on posting. I got hired for a job that I can do from home (and yes, I am still working at the preschool two mornings a week). It seemed like a dang fantastic idea at the time but now I am quite overwhelmed. I have mountains of files around me and tons of info to enter into the computer. Occasionally I look up from my typing and sorting to see the neglected laundry and crumbs on the carpet and overflowing toy bin and feel discouraged, but I'm not sure how to fit it all in. After shooing Jack away several times today so I could work (yes, I sent my Mom-of-the-Year crown back), I called my new boss and said I can't do this if there is this much work. But thankfully, it will only be like this for a week or two. Unfortunately I am stepping into someone's left-behind mess, and as soon as I enter this paperwork it will be easy to keep up with and only about an hour's work a day, which can easily be done when Jack is sleeping. Sheesh.

Speaking of Jack, I was thinking today about so many people have these super clever, cutesy fake names for their kids on their blogs. I do not. I can't think of anything clever to name them, and if it were a bad point in the day they might easily be called "Hardhead," "Laziest Child on the Planet," "Stink of the Month," or "Screamy McPhee."

Plus, even I know that some unscrupulous person could find the information anyway. I mean, I read Twilight, people. Remember Bad Vampire Girl went down to the school office and found the file and information even though they tried to keep Bella's whereabouts a secret and we all know what that led to. Three more books and a bad first movie (but several good parodies, I must say). What better example could there be?

Okay, back to my paperwork.

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