Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things to Keep You Busy this Weekend

So Gary, of course, is working all day today. Which means this Saturday Jack is sitting near me with a lollipop hanging out of his mouth and the girls are still in their pajamas. As soon as he is down for his nap I am going to get going. Really. I mean it.

Until then, here are some links I have found fun. Enjoy!

Here is an awesome several-day account of Not Martha's trip to Paris. Brought back many memories and many things I'd forgotten. Really gives me the itch to travel again. If only my bank account felt the same way.

I just love this site-- Color Me Katie. She is a photographer in NYC, and I've never seen such a colorful, happy site.

I make my kids lunch for school everyday. Why? Ever seen a school lunch menu? I taught for several years and remember shuddering at what the kids ate for lunch each day. Also, I think it's a way to have control over things, and Lord knows I do like control. So anyway, I am really into Bento boxes lately. Here is a link to purchase, and here are some great posts about them. So cute! I just saw some at Target and got all excited about it. The great thing about bento boxes and silicone cupcake holders is that you don't have to use so many disposable items, like all those zip-lock bags. Not only are those bags and juice boxes expensive, but I feel so dirty throwing so much away each day. What a waste. Check those sites out and I think you'll fall in love like I did. One of these days I'm thinking of starting a Lunch blog...with ideas for kids' lunches. In the last five years I've gotten pretty creative about lunches, my goal is to keep it from being years and years of pb and j, not that Laura would mind that.

Here are some really cute cupcake kits!! Yummy!

Finally, check out this new video by ok go. My girls and I were mesmerized by it, and you will want to clap right along with the crew at the end!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for checking in on my dorky little blog!

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  1. Your blog is so far from dorky I cannot even tell you!! OK - so you were talking about lunches and I am telling you I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! It's something I think of EVERY DAY I make those lunches. It almost consumes me! Well I was reading Conversations with a Cupcake (Cheeky Kitchen) and check out this link...
    Some awesome ideas! I really want to find some small re-useable bottles for my girls juices - I hate the juicebox thing all the time. I will check out these sites! They sound so interesting! =)


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