Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surprises are the best!

Gary has a client from Italy. His name is Pierluigi. Isn't that awesome? Anyway, he came down a couple months ago and as a thank-you sent us this HUGE box of amazing Italian things!

I immediately called my friend Francesca. She is a real, bona-fide, Italian model. Gorgeous. I hate her. Just kidding. Anyway, she explained the significance of the cakes, and the best way to use the cheese. Side note: I live in this teeny town and have all of these European friends who have somehow found our little "metropolis" as the place to settle. Funny, huh? Francesca is, as I mentioned, Italian, and her husband is an Englishman born in Kenya. Their two children were born in South Africa.

Oh, the excitement!


What could be better than cake? Cake with a chocolate shell
around the outside!

These are kind of like a flaky, croissant-ish pastry. Just
perfect for after my daily exercise session.

He even thought of something for the girls.

These are heavenly. They are like butter/almond-flavored cookies.

We also had two HUGE hunks/wedges of cheese!

As Francesca said, these are all so good, "But for your calories, it is like a bomb!"

He also sent me earrings, and a wallet for Gary. He tried to send me Italian perfume, but their customs wouldn't let it through. I am in deep, deep mourning over that. As you can imagine.


  1. WOW! That is so AWESOME! And it's expensive to send overseas! You guys must have been so PSYCHED! So - is this the same shipment of the lovely and DELICIOUS cake/bread you shared with us on New Years Eve??? WOW! AWESOME! ENJOY my friend... (can we travel abroad soon??? PLEASSSSssse? hahaha)

  2. oooohhh. That cheese looks amazing. And Gary looks so happy holding it. Please, please dig in and have a bite for me.

  3. How fun! Does Gary really like cheese or is he just a "cheeser"?

    Oh, I got your Christmas picture. You're right, you do have bossy genes! But, atleast they are really cute genes, right?


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