Monday, November 16, 2009

Sneaky Pete

I told Laura over and over again not to leave her Halloween candy where it was Jack-accessible....

Came around the corner today after I reaized it was a wee bit too quiet.....

and found...

He did not even bother to take off the wrappers.

He was penitent, but not THAT penitent, as he continued to chow down while I snapped pictures and Laura bawled.

Off to the sink....

(I only just now realized we are practically wearing the same thing)

The End
Of Jack's moment of bliss.


  1. Too Funny!
    Are you saying that you were wearing a onesie too?

  2. Ok... this is the second time I am reading this post... and I am STILL flippin' laughing my butt off! He is just TOO silly! And that face! OHhhhhhh you just want to squeeze it and love it!!!


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