Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Rundown

Better late than never....
Family Halloween Party

hopefully you picked up my earlier clue....
that's right-- we are ferris and jeanie beuller.

the after party

Halloween Day

halloween hair and socks--laura

halloween hair and socks--emma


bones breadsticks

jack enjoyed the "bloody spaghetti and meatballs"
(I like the foot on the table)

jennifer brought the frankenstein cake

emma is an American girl colonial girl
laura is alice, of course

jack is babyzilla
(not much deviation from real life)

but it was too hot to keep that on so we switched to this.

I am a witch (I think?)
thank you jenn for including my things-to-go-to-goodwill pile

here we go!
we met up with a BIG group of friends.

gretchen is channeling the 60s

laura is off to a good start.

unfortunately, jack had to go home to bed and my camera
was in the bottom of the stroller when gary left.
so no more pictures.


I will just say that at the end of the night we ended up at our friend's house. It was SO HOT that the kids all stripped off their costumes and jumped in the pool.
We stayed until about eleven.
Then jennifer and I watched "Ghosthunters" in the dark family room
and scared the snot out of ourselves.
oh, and we ate halloween candy.

That's Halloween in Florida for you!


  1. One of Hal's and my all time favorite movies! You and you hubby are too cool. Love it. Max and Bella and their cousins had not interest in the hours of trick-or-treating they had last year and opted to keep the candy begging time pretty short. All because of the Floriduh heat! As soon as my kids got back to the house, same thing - off came the clothes!

    Looks like Halloween was a good time for all of you! You have such a fun family. :O)

  2. I always love your photos but these take the cake. My absolute favorite is the one of you as Jennifer Grey in Ferris. I especially love Jack trying to get in the door behind you.

  3. Oh, I'm so envious. How would it be? I want to celebrate Halloween in Florida. It must be so nice! And you all looked to-die-for cute!

    Did you get my email? I'll be in Miami next week and I'm soooo sad I can't hang out with you! I'm doing all my visiting to the wrong end of the state!!!

  4. Swimming in a pool? No Fair! We got so cold, and I mean so cold, that we bagged trick or treating this year. I'm with Jamie, we all know where we're celebrating Halloween next year. You got enough room?

  5. Oh yeah!!! Come on down, for sure!!!

  6. 11 pm?!?!? SO YOU COULD HAVE COME SAY HI!! Well tha's a fine how-do-ya-do!!! ;) Wish I could have walked around with you all! sigh... Loved the witches costume! ahhaha GREAT Ferris and Jeannie - you guys looked great! xoxo I truly loved the sacked out kiddos after the party! hehehe


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