Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome Back, Blue

Dear Blue,

It's me again--don't be mad, I know, it's been a while. Was it only yesterday Blue, that Emma and I curled up on the couch to her cries of "Boos Coos!!" when your happy blue mug showed up on the screen? How good the world was then. Her sweet, warm body snuggling with me, a tiny house, and not many cares in the world. The old ladies in the grocery store were right. It goes by fast.

I remember one day when she opened a book on the floor, said "Watch, Mommy," said, "Boo skidoo ee can too," and jumped on top of the book. I remember her puzzled face when she didn't end up inside the book just like Steve. I tried my best to explain about imagination. She was pretty let down.

During Laura's Blue's Clue's reign, your buddy Steve went to college (how could he?) and we got left with his "little brother" Joe. I know you probably can't admit it contractually, you know--confidentiality clauses and all that--but Joe kinda sucks compared to Steve. You don't have to say anything, I'll keep it quiet.

Then my girls grew older and the Blue's Clues puzzles and toys and undies with your pawprints all over were put away. I was not sure they would ever come out again except to take a quick trip to Goodwill. Yes, you're absolutely right, Blue. Except for the undies, because that would be gross.

And I forgot about you! And all these happy moments! I have not had "Noggin" on in the background for so long...There's Maggie and the Ferocious Beast! Dora still has her backpack on! Moose E Moose is singing about fall! And there is you, Blue (and Steve, too!), talking to Monsieur Salt and Mizzes Pehpp-air and baby Paprika. And Jack laughs and waves to you, so you are still loved around here. Especially by me. You represent sweet toddler days. And this time, now that I know that time comes and goes lightning fast, I am cherishing it. I remember my aunt saying that every once in a while when the TV jogs past Noggin she'll see an old, dear show on, one she used to watch with her twins. It makes her sad. I didn't understand that before, but now I do.

We don't watch much TV here. I don't do well with background noise and I hate commercials. But a little bit of quiet, sweet Noggin (now Nick Jr.? What is up with that?) before we go down for naptime is a welcome thing, indeed. Forget PBS Kids with that awful Caillou and two-headed dragon business. And Disney is mostly annoying. But you Blue, you're my favorite. Blue around means sweet babies around.

Welcome Back, Blue. It's been a long time.


  1. I love that you watch noggin. We cancelled cable, and noggin is what I miss most. Sometimes I would sing the "fall song" or the "believe in spring song" over and over with my girls. It would drive Caleb nuts. Maggie's favorite was Little Bear or Max and Ruby. I hope you have lots of fun watching noggin with your little boy!

  2. I have a friend who made out with Steve when she lived in Brooklyn. You should Google him. haha!

  3. Seeing how my youngest will be seven years old next week, I know what you mean. The shows are sooooo lame these days. Don't you feel old when you say stuff like that? ("when I was little...")

    I was just commenting to Julie that I miss the days when we could just go with the flow. I have such fond memories of being with my three little kids before they started school. I had about six months with all three of them before Colby went to Kindergarten. The kids would wake up when they heard Jason getting ready for work. But, I'd put them all in my bed and we'd sleep for another hour or two. Those were fun days. We used to spend hours at the park. I'd sit on the bench and nurse Caitlin and watch the boys play. You're right... it goes way too fast!

  4. Michelle--that is AWESOME! (I think!) I always had a bit of a secret stay at home mom crush on him.

    julie--right now the song is "I don't like candy corn. No, I don't like candy corn." Try to find it online. You can watch just about anything online now.

    jamie--i know, i know!

  5. Sweet... sweet... sweet... words!! Blues Clues was one of the shows I actually didn't mind at all. My baby is also 7 - oh how I wish & dream there would be another era of Blue in this house! Enjoy your special time with Jack! It really is precious time! (And I have caught my "baby" watching Blue STILL on occasion!!) Great post Amy!

  6. I know I am sad my girls have grown out of blue.

    Caillou's voice is one of the worst things I have ever had to listen to.

    vanessa from


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