Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I can't get anything done when Jack is awake

Do not be deceived by this sweet mouthful of new teeth. He is a category five destructo-hurricane. I have the pictures to prove it, and I'm telling you, they cover about fifteen minutes tops.

trying to keep him from pinching his fingers in the doors

yes, those are my chairs permanently stacked on the table. He pulls them over in two seconds flat, and he has a bruise on his forehead to show for it.

Yes, the blue light means he has started the copier in my husband's office.
Me: Honey, don't you think we should put the copier up higher?
Him: No dear, that would actually make sense with a baby around (okay, he didn't really say that).

trying to keep him from falling off Mount Clothes-Hanger--I mean Treadmill.

Here he is going for the camera

Happily on the move, as he's spotted a clean area that must be destroyed.

And I thought I got all the crayons off the floor...

More things to pull off shelves in Daddy's office
(it's a hundred year-old house. doesn't really have typical entryways
like most houses, so baby gates are not possible)

mmmm..guacamole (G. didn't see this, so I let him have the rest)

opening cabinets while on The Ugliest Kitchen Floor Evah.
Taking a one minute break until the carnage begins again.
(oh and there's that bruise.)


  1. hahaha! Welcome to my life. :) Times three. :) I wish we lived closer, we would have so much fun watching the destruction...when you're with a friend it's easier to laugh over it.....

  2. Remember when you came to visit me in Utah and you had perfect Emma and I had two busy little boys? Also remember how they flooded the kitchen floor with the water dispenser on the fridge b/c they wanted to ice skate? Enough said! Seriously, he is just so cute! He must make you laugh a million times a day.

  3. elaine-- I wish this, too!

    jamie-- I don't remember the ice skating incident!!! trust me, between laura and now jack the mega attack i am gettin' mine now!! :)he is cute and fun...but geesh I get nothing done!

  4. Hi Amy. Jack is so funny, well I guess funny to me. He makes me want a little boy! I can't believe how your family has grown. I miss you guys. Emma and Laura are so cute and grown-up. I can't wait till Maggie and Adeline are in school... wait does that make me a bad mom? Anyway, I loved seeing you guys and sharing in your life.

  5. Amy I really enjoyed seeing your "day" and it brought me back to my little ones - little distructors! I know that it is so hard to get things done - I remember it! But those things will be there regardless... those cutie patooteys just grow too fast - hush away the to-do's & love that baby like you do!. I love his smiles... he truly made my day today when he smiled at me while dropping off the girls. Boy did that grin help me out! It was a terrible day - and he made it better! =) Thank you for sharing you day!


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