Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Poo Issues

This is where I am in my mind, anyway.

It is Monday. Which means I am letting myself get anxious and overwhelmed. I want everything cleaned up from the weekend, all the laundry done, etc. We went camping, which was great, but that means I have been working on piles of supplies and laundry to put away. Jack's birthday is Thursday, which I totally forgot until my mom mentioned it on Sunday. "No, no, his birthday is not for like two weeks." "Uh, the first is on Thursday, Amy." So Jack will have his first on the first.

I am also working now, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Laura's old preschool. I am desperately trying to save up money for Disney passes, so that's my M.O. The problem is, I have serious poo issues. Let me explain. I am the assistant in the toddler class...and guess what the assistant gets to do? Lots of diaper changes. I am trying to be as mature as possible about this, but I really don't like poop. I can do my own babies, but even they are potty-trained on the dot at two. I mean really, I specifically went to college so I wouldn't have to be the poo assistant. It was all part of my master plan. Sigh. Okay, I'm just being a big, whiny baby. It's really fine, and I knew what I was getting into. And I do love the little stinkers, they have really grown on me. I am just EXHAUSTED when I leave. I feel like when I leave I can barely form a sentence when I try to talk to someone I know.

I did mention we went camping, right? It was wonderful. We went with a big group of friends to Rainbow Springs. We tubed down the river and it was gloriously beautiful, and the water was heavenly. The girls floated along happily, and Jack kept leaning over to feel the water. Gary jumped out of a tree into one of the deep parts of the springs, and we had the most wonderful time. We made some amazing food, and what was really great was the fact that we borrowed Gary's parents pop-up camper. So we had air-conditioning in the middle of the day! You can't beat that! The only bad moment was when Jack woke up at three a.m. and screamed until about four. I could mentally feel every camper in our radius cursing us and our spawn of a child. It was not fun. Our friends were very cool about it, though. Maria said, "I woke up, knew it wasn't my kid, and happily went back to sleep." After Jack's lungs finally gave out, I slipped out into the night to use the bathroom alone. I have never seen such beautiful stars. They were so bright, so vivid, that I started talking to God on the way back to the pop-up. I told him about all the things weighing on my heart, and as I finished and stared at the stars, two shooting stars zoomed across the sky. I stopped right in my tracks to take it all in. It's nice to be noticed.


  1. Lovely post. You are too hard on yourself, runs in the family. Now, 'bout the poop. I can't, absolutely can't, do other kids poop (except for Julie's kids b/c that poop is related). That's why I work with kiddos and the mom's! But, I know what you mean about exhausted. Sometimes, after working, I'm all out of steam, but there's still plenty to do! Does Jack go with you?

  2. yes! I am very lucky he is in the same room with me. He's the smallest, but he's pretty loud so he can stand up for himself pretty well!

  3. Amy, sorry to hear about the poop. I was glad to hear it wasn't your poo problems. I got nervous when I read the post title. I hear ya though, I tend a little boy that poops every morning at 9:00 on the dot. I dread it everyday. Put your shirt over your nose, it helps.

  4. Sure, Julie, it might help you, but now the poor child will be grow up thinking there is something the matter with him- talk about traumatic!!

    Amy- sorry your blog got sucked into the Malone sister bantering, I just couldn't resisit, you don't mind do you?

  5. jamie--never! bring it on, baby.
    julie, poo sucks. but you are right, it would have sucked more if it was my own poo problems. not a very catchy blog post, either. i try not to breathe through my nose. it's better now, though. my first week, i gagged everytime i had to do it. the good thing is, we usually have only two regular poopers, so i count my blessings.

  6. Amy - catching up on your posts. I feel for you - as you have heard me say MANY times... I have a TOUGH time with other "poo-ers"! You are justified in your feelings! lol I so wish I could have gone with you guys camping...sigh... I am glad you got your response. It's nice to hear the star story. I hope that my ailment & issues haven't brought you stress and anxieties. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have you and your support in this ordeal I am going through... so thank you... FOR EVERYTHING. Love this post!!!


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