Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deep Thoughts at Midnight

Upcoming movie I totally can't wait to see: Julie & Julia

Upcoming movie that looks totally stupid as all get out and I would never pay $10 a person to see: G.I. Joe.

I mean seriously, like my brother's GI Joe's from twenty-five years ago are rolling in their backyard graves, crying out for mercy and justice for the injustice of it all. They have been done wrong. So wrong, ya'll.

I'm just sayin'.
I gotta go to bed.
Has it been 25 years? Wow, I'm getting old.


  1. My husband wants to see this movie so bad and I am SOOOOO with you. I hope he appreciates the massive guesture of me getting a baby sitter and going with him.

  2. Seriously, that is true love. You must remind him of this sacrifice often. Let me know how it goes!

  3. OK i finally saw a preview for Julie and Julia! Looks so adorable! I absolutely love Meryl Streep!! Looks like a good one! xoxo


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